Bath County, North Carolina

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Bath County is an extinct county formerly located in the state of North Carolina. The county was established in 1696 and was abolished in 1739. Bath was a stopping place of Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard. He is said to have married a local girl and briefly settled in the harbor town of Bath around 1716.


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Table of Extinct NC counties

County Created Abolished Fate
Albemarle County 1664[1] 1689[1] Partitioned into Chowan County, Currituck County, Pasquotank County, and Perquimans County
Bath County 1696[2] 1739[2] Renamed as Craven County
Bute County 1764[3] 1779[3] Partitioned into Franklin County and Warren County
Dobbs County 1758[4] 1791[4] Partitioned into Greene County, Lenoir County, and Wayne County
Tryon County 1768[5] 1779[5] Partitioned into Lincoln County and Rutherford County