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Early NC Phillips Families is a Discussion Group dedicated to advancing the research of the Phillips families found in early North Carolina. This Wiki is intended to be a platform for our email Discussion Group to contribute to the knowledge of Phillips families in early North Caroline. By using a Wiki format that is search-friendly, this Wiki will:

  • Post information that is relevant to Phillips Families of Early North Carolina
  • List family lines to aid in making connections to other family researchers
  • Try to identify and sort different Phillips families found in the same counties
  • Formulate theories and hypothetical family lines
  • Study associated and allied families to different Phillips families
  • Promote the use of yDNA testing in conjunction with traditional genealogy
  • Share this information under the Creative Commons, noncommercial, share-alike license

How to Join ENC Phillips Families

If you would like to join the Discussion Group, we would love to have your insight and input. It is very easy to join and currently there are over 30 members of our group. First, you must have a Google Account. Then you may go to this link, the Discussion Pages of our Google Group and click on the 'Apply for group membership'in the right-hand column to sign up. All that is required is a short introduction of what Phillips Family you are researching with some basic information about them. We are sorry, but this is necessary to keep spammers off our mail list. If you fail to provide this information, your request to join will be turned down.

If you prefer not to join the Discussion Group email list, but would like this Wiki to list some basic information about your Phillips Family, we would be delighted to do so. Just use the Contact Form to let us know your intentions and we will be happy to assist you. Read more about our Philosophy.

Our Philosophy

While family genealogists spend years acquiring information, they can never be a hundred percent certain that they have found all the available information of their family. The idea behind this Discussion Group, our Wiki and Website is to share and discuss with other researchers your Phillips familyâ's research. Sharing and comparing your research with other family researchers will benefit the entire group. This sharing reflects back on our Discussions Group main focus, that is, sorting out early North Carolina Phillips Families. When you share your research with other researchers, your contributions will assure that your efforts will be available to future generations.

Things to remember when you share

  • Share what you want to share, there is no pressure to share information you do not wish to make public. Even if it is just a rough outline of your family tree. Some information is better than none.
  • You may withhold source documentation to keep others from getting credit for your work. This also will lead to those that are seriously interested in your family making contact with you.
  • This Wiki will always credit the work to those that contributed it. If you desire, our contact system can be set up to email the contributor of work submitted. Use our Contact Form to request this.
  • If you see a problem, please report it to the webmaster/administrator of this site. Use our Contact Form to send the details of the issue.
  • Each family is unique in its own way. Using the information of family branches may help with your branch.
  • If you benefited in some way from the use of this Website or our Discussion Forum, always remember to say thank you to the person who helped you.