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Map of North Carolina in 1752

This is a collaborative Wiki for the Google Discussion Group on Phillips Families found in early North Carolina. It is used to aid in the organization of Phillips Families and their historical data, while letting others add to it. The whole purpose is to sort out the many Phillips families using the available historical records of North Carolina and Y-DNA testing.

In the past few years through genetic genealogy, it has been proven that there were many unrelated Phillips families found in different and sometimes the same areas of North Carolina. By pairing traditional genealogy with genetic genealogy, it is only a matter of time before more is known about these many unrelated Phillips families. To learn more about Y-DNA testing and genetic genealogy, please visit the Phillips DNA Project.

The time period of focus is from the "late 1600's on into the mid 1800's" in North Carolina. This Wiki contains many ideas, theories, factual family lines, hypothetical family lines, DNA Family Group sorting and transcriptions of historical documents all pertaining to Phillips families. In addition, there are records pertaining to several Phillips associated families of North Carolina.

Map of North Carolina in 1752


ENC Phillips maintains a discussion group for the research of Phillips families and families that can be associated with them from the 1600s to the mid 1800s in North Carolina. You can see some of the most recent topics on our news page.