Thomas Phillips d. 1743 Craven County

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Thomas Phillips who is referred to as Thomas Phillips I, came from Prince George County, VA. In the Will of Thomas Phillips, dated 1743, he named his wife and children. Using the Will and the church records of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA, the following is what is known about Thomas Phillips, his wife and his children. It is also believed that Thomas married Isabelle Lanthrop(e) who was the daughter of John Lanthrop(e) of Prince George County, VA. Isabelle has been seen as Isabel, Isabell and Isabelle. In the Will of John Lanthrop, she is referred to as Issabel. The last entry in the Bristol Parish Records, refer to her as Isabella. For clarification, she will be referred to as Isabelle.

This Thomas Phillips belongs to Phillips DNA Group 5.

Children of Thomas Phillips and Isabelle Lanthrop:

  1. John Phillips, son of Thomas Phillips and Isabel, born, 8 May 1726. John Phillips baptized 7 June 1726.

  2. Mason Phillips, son of Thomas Phillips and Isabel, born, 23 July 1728. Mason Phillips baptized 16 Sep. 1728.

  3. Mary Phillips, dau. of Thomas Phillips and Isabel, born, 9 March 1730/1731. Mary Phillips bapt. 19 April 1731.

  4. Thomas Phillips, was probably born in 1732 or 1733, there is no record of his birth in the Bristol Parish records of Prince George, Co., VA.

  5. James Phillips, son of Thomas Phillips and Isabella, born, 12 Sept. 1734. No baptism recorded.

  6. Mark Phillips, named in Will. b. abt 1736?

  7. William Phillips, named in Will, beloved son, b. abt 1738?

There has been a lot of work done by Rex Phillips trying to sort out the Phillips Families of Prince George Co. It is probable that a brother of Thomas, John Phillips, also married a Lanthrop(e) and Isabelle's sister, Anne. John Phillips and Anne's children can were also recorded in the Bristol Parish Records. More information on the Prince George County Phillips Families can be found in the Migration Into NC Section.

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