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Family Bible Records

Early 1800's Bible

Welcome to the family bible records section. If you are lucky enough to have an old bible, as you may already know, it is a great source of genealogical information. Bibles were usually given as a gift to a newly married couple. In them, families recorded births, marriages and deaths. They were also allowed as proof of age for members of a family as today's common birth certificates didn't come about until the 20th century.

Example of a family bible's page

To the left is an example of a page from a family bible. So many of these treasured bibles just sit on a shelf and are unknown to those who may be researching a specific family. If you have in your possession an old family bible, Phillips family or Phillips mentioned, please consider sharing it.

Listed below are the known bible records of Phillips families from early North Carolina. They are listed by the original family owner, i.e. "John Phillips (1746-1814) Family bible" or something similar.

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