Mark Phillips b. abt 1752 in NC Rev War Pension (Moore County)

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This is a brief abstract of the Mark Phillips pension file.

  1. Lt. Col. Mebane Regiment..Prvt., under Capt. Chrismas, Pension Commenced 17 May 1819, 12 months service in 1780..Age in May 1819 was given as 65, b. abt 1754. In 1819, Now resides near Carthage (Moore Court House). Cornelius Dowd(Dowel?) acquainted with and testified as to Mark Phillips's service and frequently saw him while in army. Was and still is a near neighbor.
  2. In Aug of 1820 stated age was 68(now b.abt 1752) or near of recollection in 1778 or 1779 was in Captain Samuel Jones Regt., Commanded by Col. Maben[sic, Mebane]. Owns 12 head of Sheep, 26 head of hogs, 3 plows, 4 hoes, and 2 axes..beside self in my family, Rany Phillips my wife..abt 67(b.abt 1753), daughter Polly, 21 years(b.abt1799) and Rany, Jr. 17 years(b.abt1803). Signed Mark {M} Phillips by {mark}. I see no mention of land€¦and Cornelius Dowd(Dowel), Clerk of Court, certifies total property value at 45 dollars. Also noted that the {mark} that was recorded was not an X but the letter M in fancy script.
  3. 20 Dec 1837..letter from Attorneys Morrison and Curry in regards to charges of Toryism against Mark Phillips. Deposition of C. Dowd..Letter sent to War I. L. Edwards residing in Carthage, Moore Co., NC stating €œthat Mark Phillips was a Tory during the Revolution€ John Morrison and A.C. Curry inquired to near all male inhabitants of this place(referring to Moore Co.) if they had been the author of said letter..all pronounce the allegation as false. Appears if someone had a some type of motive to discredit Mark Phillips or the Mark Phillips family. Also the letter itself was signed by a forger as I L Edwards discredited it himself and he appears to also be a lawyer. Appears if someone had it out for both Mark Phillips Family and IC Edwards.
  4. 9 Dec 1837..Archibald Munroe and SC Bruce attest to the fact as Justices of the Peace, that Cornelius Dowd appeared before them at the upward age of 70 and declares he was born 6 or 7 miles from Mark Phillips and well aquainted with him during the Revolutionary War, and afterwards during the 40 years past within 2 ½ miles of him. Signed Corns. Dowd.


Transcription by: Tom Hutchison (comments in bold italics)