John Phillips of Surry Co, VA

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John Phillips of Surry Co, VA who died circa 1758/59 leaving a Will. These are the believed descendants of John Phillips.

Unknown Phillips DNA group.

His Proven Children: (Mother unknown for sure. A couple of theories, Martha Crafford possible 2nd Wife with an unknown 1st wife. Or John Phillips married at an older age and lived to be about 81 and Martha was only wife)

  1. John Phillips, Jr. b. ca 1725
  2. Arthur Phillips b. ca 1727-34 (Went to Edgecombe County, NC)
  3. Mary Phillips b. ca 1727-34
  4. Joseph Phillips b. ca 1727-29 (Went to Edgecombe County, NC)
  5. Lucy Phillips b. ca 1736-42
  6. Sarah Phillips b. ca 1736-42
  7. Ann Phillips b. ca 1736-42
  8. Elizabeth Phillips b. ca 1736-42
  9. (unknown Male) Phillips b. (?) d. before 1758 (clothing willed to Hartwell)
  10. Hartwell Phillips b. ca 1741 m. twice see below (Went to Edgecombe County, NC)

John Phillips, Jr.

None known living all predeceased their mother Sarah, names Nephews Exum & Ethelred Phillips (sons of brother Joseph) executors.

Arthur Phillips d. abt 1791 m. Elizabeth ?

  1. Martha
  2. Mary m. ? Harris
  3. Patience m. ? Manning
  4. Pleasant Phillips
  5. Sarah
  6. Lucy Phillips m. ? Adkins

Joseph Phillips d. abt 1785 who m. Sarah Exum (children in no particular order)

  1. Exum Phillips
  2. Ethelred Phillips d. abt 1795 m. a Jane ? who d. 1805 (children in no particular order)
    1. Charlotte Phillips m. a Jackson
    2. Exum Phillips
    3. Elizabeth Phillips
    4. Sally Phillips
    5. Nancy Phillips
    6. Eaton Phillips
    7. Figers Phillips
    8. James Phillips
    9. Thomas Phillips
  3. Benjamin Phillips
  4. Joseph Phillips
  5. unknown daughter wife of Joseph Sumner

Hartwell Phillips d. abt 1801 1st m. Jane Hancock (2 children)

  1. Rebecca Phillips m. John Hancock
  2. Mary Phillips m. Benjamin Clary

Hartwell Phillips 2nd m. abt Nov 1778 Pheraby Jones (6 children)

  1. Elizabeth Phillips m. John Evans
  2. Jane Phillips
  3. Fredrick Phillips m. Sallie Tart
    1. James Jones Phillips
    2. Margaret B. Phillips
    3. Pheraby Phillips
    4. Elizabeth J. Phillips
    5. Pennina
  4. Olive Phillips m. Solomon Weeks
  5. Benjamin Phillips died at abt 20 without known issue
  6. John Hartwell Phillips died at abt 16 without known issue

The above is a working copy of the Hartwell Phillips line of Edgecombe Co., NC.


I assembled the rough outline above from the hard work of Rex Phillips and his research and input concerning the line of John Phillips of Surry Co, VA. Tom Hutchison 20:43, 17 September 2010 (EDT)

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