John Phillips (1759-1839)-died Johnston County, NC

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According to his Revolutionary War Pension Disposition {Believe it is 1837} John Phillips was b. in 1759 on Deep Creek in Halifax County, NC. A descendant of John Phillips has yDNA tested and he is a match to the Phillips Family Group 2, some of these Phillips families came from MD into NC in the mid 1700s.


John Phillips claimed he had been residing in Johnston County, NC for 40 years. Using his Pension File, this would mean abt 1797. There has been a question as to the number of wives John Phillips had in his lifetime. The evidence is overwelming that John only had 2 wives instead of 3 as has been thought for many years, even being put into print erroneously. From the Pension File, p. 46 in the hand of L.P.(Lewis Patrick) Phillips is a letter to the Pension Dept. dated 6 Jul 1859.

I have to inform you that the pension allowance made to Polly Phillips of N.C. widow of John, under the acts of 1838, 1843, 1844, and 1848 was obtained by fraudulent representation and pretended proofs that her marriage took place prior to the year 1794.

According to the Pension Laws, John's wife Mary "Polly" Thompson was ineligible to receive a pension as his widow because their marriage had to take place prior to 1794, later 1800 and eventually eliminated in the later Pension Laws of the 1850s. Other proof is the fact John Phillips and a Darkis Phillips witnessed a deed in 1805 and a Darris Phillips (Darkis Phillips misspelled?) being listed as a member of the Old Union Church in 1806. This is the same year the Old Union Church was founded and same year John Phillips was listed as deacon in the church.


John Phillips d. 20 Nov 1839, leaving a Will listing his children. In the Will they were divided as his older children and younger children.


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This is a rough working list of the children of John Phillips and SUBJECT TO CHANGE and UPDATE at any time.

John Phillips, b. 14 Mar 1759, d. 20 Nov 1839

m. 1st Darkis Hamilton d. before 1824
1. William Phillips, m. 29 Apr 1806, Nancy Caudle
2. Hamilton Phillips, b. c.1785, d. 17 Aug 1868, m. 9 Sep 1812, Sarah Faulk, b. c.1787, d. 17 Jun 1867
a. Julia Ann Phillips, b. 14 Aug 1813, d. 12 Sep 1880, m. 15 Aug 1831, Jacob Yelverton.
b. Susan Phillips, m. 7 Nov 1835, Josiah Johnson.
c. Emma Phillips, m. 27 Feb 1838, Benjamin Woodard.
d. _____ Phillips, m. John Corbett.
e. John W. Phillips, m. 20 Sep 1848, Caroline Pitman.
f. Ray Phillips, b. 17 Feb 1824, d. 21 Sep 1901, m. 5 Jun 1856, Nancy Jones, b. 26 Feb 1822, d. 3 Jul 1878.
g. Guy Hamilton Phillips, b. 10 Jan 1826, d. 3 Jun 1908, m. 1st , 28 Jul 1847, Evelina Pitmon, 2nd, Winniford Brown, b.13 Sep 1831, d. 15 Feb 1875, 3rd, 16 Feb 1876, Rebecca Starling, b. 1839, d. 16 Aug 1899.
3. Dixon Phillips, b. c. 1787, d. c. 1864, m. 16 Apr 1814, Edith Oliver, b. c. 1786, d. c. 1860.
a. Franklin Phillips, m. 1 st, 10 Dec 1834, Zelphia (Zilpha) Strickland, m. 2nd, 15 May 1867, Sallie A. Woodard.
b. Zilphy E. Phillips, m. 26 Oct 1835, Wesley Massey.
c. Edith L. Phillips, m. 10 Feb 1838, Daniel Gurley.
4. Edith Phillips, b. 29 May 1790, d. 2 Mar 1859, m. 13 Nov 1812, Willis Woodard, b. 3 Feb 1784, d. 12 Oct 1862.
a. Lucinda Woodard, b. 8 Nov 1825.
b. Cherry A. Eliza. Woodard, b. 17 Nov 1827.
c. Willis Gaston Woodard, b. 19 May 1829.
d. William Ashley Woodard, b. 8 Aug 1831.
e. Kissive Woodard, b. c. 1833.
5. John Phillips, Jr., b. c. 1792.
6. Elbert Phillips, b. c. 1793.
7. Barna (Barnaba) Phillips, b.c. 1800, m. 11 Sep 1821, Sally Gully.

m. 2nd 4 Oct 1824, Mary (Polly) Thompson

8. Fort Thompson Phillips, b. c. 1825, m. 11 Jan 1847, Elizabeth Rains.
a. Mary Phillips, b. c. 1848.
b. John Phillips, b. c. 1850.
c. James Phillips, b. c. 1851.
d. Patrick Phillips, b. c. 1853.
e. Elijah Phillips, b. c. 1855.
f. Elizabeth Phillips, b. c. 1858.
g. Edith Phillips, b. c. 1859.
9. Elijah Henry Phillips, b. c. 1828, d. aft 1861, m. 14 Jan 1850, Winifred Hepsey Capps, b. c. 1826, d. 26 May 1887.
a. Chelly E. Phillips, b. c. 1850.
b. Richard Erwin Phillips, b. 17 Dec 1851, d. 19 Mar 1931, m. 22 Dec 1872, Elizabeth Raiper, b. 20 Jun 1851, d. 17 Sep 1917.
c. Pollye E. Phillips
d. Louiza Phillips
e. Winifred C. Phillips
f. Eliza Ann Phillips
10. Lewis Patrick Phillips, b. 2 Oct 1831, d. 12 Oct 1926
married. 1st. Sallie L. Jones
a. Bernard Phillips
b. Cephisia Phillips
c. Mollie Phillips
d. Estella Phillips
e. Infant Phillips
f. Infant Phillips
g. Rennie Phillips
h. Mattie Phillips
married. 2nd, Dec 1870, Sarah Moore
i. Eva Phillips
j. Infant Phillips
k. Infant Phillips
married. 3rd, Sarah Chamberlain, d. Nov 1879
l. Wilford Phillips
m. Beadie Phillips
married. 4th, Dec 1880, Louise Thornton, b. 14 Aug 1813, d. 12 Sep 1880.
n. Millard Phillips
o. Rowe Del Phillips, b. 21 Jul 1883, d. 20 Nov 1945, m. 8 Oct 1905, Larura Wonders, b. 6 Apr 1886, d. 18 Apr 1970.
p. Patrick Phillips
q. Ray Phillips
r. Lloyd Phillips