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This is not a word for word transcription.[1] This is an extended abstract transcription of David Phillips Revolutionary War Pension Application. It has been edited for content, but also tries to maintain the orginal wording with {my comments in brackets}. In the File, Phillips and Philips were used interchangably and is shown that way in the below transcription. The actual Pension File is 80 pages in length, with the majority of it devoted to proving that Agnes Phillips was his widow after David's death. Click here to read more about David Phillips.

Pension File of David Phillips, b. Orange County, now Caswell County, North Carolina

David Phillips b. NC on Jacket

Agnes Phillips widow of David Phillips, payable to Josiah Phy{this is her son-in-law, married to daughter Nancy Phillips}

Notes: Cookesville, Putnam Co., TN

Prvt under Capt Brashears

Statement Showing David Phillips of Jackson County, TN Services

1. Drafted Jan 1780, 5 months of service, Capt Brashear, Col O'Neal{no battles listed}

2. Drafted Jan1781, 3 months of service, Capt Morton, Col Wilson(Gen Green written above){I believe this to be Col. John Wilson of Pittsylvania Co., VA}

3. Battles listed: Battle of Guilford Co. Courthouse

4. Description of servive: Marched to Guilford Co. Courthouse & over the Yadkin & to McGeer Old Field. Marched across Dan River at Dicks(?) Ferry to Boyer's Old Mill to Guilford Courthouse {reading further into the pension app, this David's first enlistment description}

5. Age: 77 years old {now} / Guilford County, NC {residence at time of 1st service}

6. {Evidence offered as proof of service, which states:} Traditionary evidence / Clergyman & witness certified readable(?) paper legally author treated

Disposition of David Phillips

State of Tennessee- County of Jackson

12thDay February 1833, David Phillips personally appeared in open court before John McCarver, John Graham, and Tandy K Witcher, Justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for said County of Jackson.

David Phillips is a resident of said county of Jackson and State of Tennessee aged 77 years, duly sworn and on his oath made the following declaration:

He entered the service of the United States in Guilford County State of North Carolina where he then resided in January the day not recollected in the year 1780. Draft for nine months under Capt. Brashear, Lt and Ensign not recollected. Marched under said Capt to Guilford court house and joined a regiment commanded by Colonel Oneal, the Major of the regiment was named Blair. He marched from Guilford court house under said officers crossed Yadkin river at Trading ford then down said river which he again crossed and marched to McGees old field when in June 1780 he was verbally discharged by his Capt having been five months in the service. He received no written discharge. During the above term of his service he was sometimes engaged in scouting parties. Was with no other field officersbut Col. Oneal & Maj. Blair. Served with no regular officers during said term.

Applicant again entered the service of the United States in Pittsylvania county State of Virginia where he resided on the first of January 1781 as a substitute for a man whose name he has forgotten who was drafted for three months, under Capt Joseph Morton..Lt and Ensign not recollected, Col. Wilson and Majot Lytle the number of the regiment he does not recollect. He marched under said officers from Pittsylvania court house, crossed Dan river at Dick's ferry - then to Boyd's old mill near the line of Guilford County North Carolina where he joined the army commanded by General Green, then marched with the army to Guilford court house€¦encampt there all night then marched next morning which was the 15 March to Haskins old field near Guilford court house where the Battle of Guilford was fought€¦applicant was in the battle..two of his messmates, John McMillian and Amos Robert were wounded in the action. The American army was defeated and retreated to Col Perkins Iron works on Troublesome creek water of Haw river. Applicant then with the army under said officers marched to New Garden Settlement about the line of Guilford county there his time of service expired and he was discharged brom the service by Capt Morton first of April 1781 which discharge was lost. He served out his full term of three months. After he crossed Dan river and before he arrived at Boyd's old mill he crossed Haw river at High Rock ford. Does not recollect names of any of the continental regiments of companies with which he served recollect no regular officer by Genl. Green. Recollects General Stephens.

Applicant was born in Caswell county, State of North Carolina 24 December 1755 the record of his age is in his Uncle Abram Philips€™ possession in Rockingham County, State of North Carolina. He has no copy of the register in his possession.

Since the Revolutionary War applicant has lived in Egdefield District South Carolina, Wilkes county Georgia, in the counties of Buncomb North Carolina & in the Counties of Washington, Cocke, Blount, Sevier, and White Tennesse and he now resides in Jackson county Tennesse.

No documentary evidence€¦knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to services. The name of some of the person to whom applicant is known in his present neighbourhood, and who can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief of his service as a soldier of the revolution are Michail Taylor, James Young and John Welsh.

Relinquished claim to pension or annuity except present and declares name is not on a pension roll of any state€¦

David[his X mark]Philips

Jonas Griffith a clergyman and James Young residing in Jackson county Tennessee certify they are well acquainted with David Phillips who has subscribed and swore the above declaration. They believe him to be 77 years old. He is reputed and believed in the neighbourhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and we concur in that opinion.

Citations and References

  1. Transcribed and edited for content by: Thomas Hutchison- 2009