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3 February 1831

Page 1 - Lewis Phillips, Jr of Moore Co. m. Nancy Edwards of Chatham Co., Feb. 3 1831 at her father's home.

Page 2 - Lewis Phillips, Sen. b. 26 Nov 1765 {Lewis Jr's father}, Charity Phillips b. 20 Nov 1767 {Lewis, Jr's mother, see entry third page Charity Dickerson m. 20 Dec 1787 to Lewis Phillips}, Brinkley Phillips b. 16 Oct 1788 {all of Lewis Jr's brothers and sisters listed}, Absalom Phillips b. 8 May 1790, William Phillips b. 9 Jun 1792, Lydia Phillips b. 30 Jan 1795, John D. Phillips 3 Jul 1797, Dabney Phillips b. 3 Sept 1799, Nancy Phillips b. 8 Jul 1802, Robt H. Phillips b. 24 Mar 1804, Lewis Phillips, Jr. b. 22 Dec 1806, Polly Phillips 15 Apr 1809, C.H. Phillips 27 Dec 1814, Polly Phillips d. 30 Oct 1878, Rev. CH Phillips d. 19 May 1885, Robt. H. Phillips d. 24 Dec 1888, Nancy Phillips d. 21 Apr 1890.

Page 3 - Emiline Phillips b. 24 Jan 1833, Malphus Shain Phillips b. 7 Mar 1835 {might be Spain}, Mastin Crawford Phillips b. 25 Feb 1836, Emory Ca(?) Phillips b. 4 Oct 1837, Alpha Phillips 19 Mar 1839, Baxter Clegg Phillips b. 29 Jul 1841, Nancy Candace Phillips b. 23 Feb 1843, Elmira Phillips b. 5 Apr 1845, Eliza Ann Phillips b. 27 Oct 1847, Martha Julist Phillips b. 23 Feb 1849 {might be Julie or Julia}, Augusta Louisa Phillips b. 26 Jul 1851, Lewis Phillips {Sr. is inserted here} and Charity Dickerson were married 20 Dec 1787.

Page 4 - Alpha Phillips d. 27 May 1857, Emory Capias(?) Phillips d. 2 Feb 1860, Emeline Phillips d. 2 Feb 1864, Eliza A. Siler d. 16 Aug 1879, Mastin C. Phillips d. 11 Mar 1865, Rev. B. C. Phillips d. 16 Mar 1885, Elmira Johnson d. 24 Feb 1897, Augusta Louisa Phillips d. 20 Mar 1898, Cadace Street d. 4 Sept 1906, Lewis Phillips, Jr (II) d. 15 Jun 1902, Malphus Spain Phillips d. 8 Aug 1918, Martha Julie Phillips d. 19 Oct 1935, Joseph Mather Phillips Sr. d. 11 Dec 1946, Marion Gray Phillips d. 5 Dec 1959.

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1 August 1868

The Indenture made the thirty first day of August one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight between Merrill Phillips & his wife Elizabeth Phillips of the County of Chatham and State of North Carolina of the one part and Berry Phillips of the county of Chatham & State.

Aforesaid of the other part witnessed that the said Merrill Phillips & his wife Elizabeth far and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and Seventy five Dollars to them paid in hand by the said Berry Phillips at the time of executing these presents the receipt of whereof is hereby fully acknowledged hath granted bargained sold & conveyed aliened and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell convey alien and confirm unto the said Berry Phillips his heirs and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land in the county of Chatham and State of North Carolina.

Situated near the waters of Tysons creek adjoining the lands John Gross Joel Hilliard and others bounded as follows ( ) beginning at a five knot corner Joel Hilliard's corner in Josiah Cheeks line running east Fifty Seven poles to a Red Oak Thence South with hedgepath line Eighty poles to a lightwood stump Thence East Fifty four poles to a red oak. Thence South Six poles to a stake on the south side of the road. Thence East sixty four poles to a stake and pointers near the road. Thence South one hundred and sixty poles to a dead oak. Thence west one hundred and seventy seven poles to a Post oak in Briton Grose. Thence South with Joel Hilliards line to the beginning containing one hundred and fifty seven acres more or less to have and to hold the said lands and premises and all and singular the tenements heridements woods ways waters minerals privileges & appertainences thereto belonging to the said Berry Phillips his heirs and assigns free from the claims of any and all persons whatever and the said Meril Phillips and his wife Elizabeth Phillips their heirs & assigns will warrant and defend the title of the above described land into the said Berry Phillips his heirs and assigns in testimony whereof the said party of the first part has hereunto set their hands and seals on the day and year above written.

Signed sealed and Merril his X mark Phillips seal

delivered in presence

Elizabeth her X mark Phillips seal

S.H. McManus Edmond Phillips North Carolina Chatham County

S.W. Brewer being duly sworn says that he believes the foregoing in the genuine signature of S.H.. McManus as witness to the foregoing deed he having often seen him write

Sworn and subscribed to S. W. Brewer

Before me the 13th oct 1891 S M Holt - CoC

North Carolina Superior Court Chatham County

The execution of the foregoing instrument is duly proven by the affidavit of S.W. Brewer as is the signature of S. H. McManus one of the subscribing witnesses. Let the instrument and certificate be registered Oct 13th 1891.

S.M. Holt - CoC

Deed for record the 18th day of Oct 1891

DH Marsh Reg of Deeds

Comments: Transcribed by Robert Earl Phillips Jr. and Maggie Phillips, March 27, 2006 For additional information including transcription credit, please Click Here to view the complete record.